• ÖkoNorm, Textile Wax Crayons
  • ÖkoNorm, Textile Wax Crayons

ÖkoNorm, Textile Wax Crayons

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Set of 6 beeswax crayons for textiles. Specially developed for natural textiles, not suitable for synthetic fabrics or wool. Sometimes there is a slight white haze on the wax crayons, this is called the wax bloom and is a proof of quality and indicates a high proportion of pure beeswax, this does not diminish the quality of the crayon and can be easily rubbed off.

Instructions: Before using wax crayons, wash the textile item at 40°C and let it dry completely. Work on a firm surface. Upon finishing the drawing, cover with absorbing paper (eg. newsprint) and iron from the backside (without steam) until no more color adheres to the paper. Then iron from the front side without paper. Let the crayon set for a minimum of 2 days before washing the decorated textile at 40°C with a mild natural detergent without bleaching agents. Age: 3+

Ingredients: vegetable waxes, beeswax, vegetable stearines and oils, non-toxic pigments.

Made in Germany by Ökonorm. Conforms to EU safety regulations for toys and carries the CE mark. Although non-toxic, crayons are not edible and should not be eaten!