• Of Body, NO.BO, 200ml
  • Of Body, NO.BO, 200ml

Of Body, NO.BO, 200ml

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Lavender & Ambroxan Fabric Deodorizer NO.BO is a wonder spritz, an alcohol based deoderiser spray that disinfects and scents fabrics and spaces. It was designed for use in film and television where costume people need quick disinfection of smelly fabrics. Can also be used on any textiles and is safe to spray in the air to wipe out bad odours!

The active ingredient is a high quality, organic food-grade ethyl alcohol derived from sugar cane, which has been diluted with distilled water to 65%w/v (70%v/v). It is totally biodegradable and disinfects then totally flashes off leaving the scent of locally-grown, organic oils of Lavandin Super and Grosso (which also provide additional natural antiseptic and disinfectant qualities) and the star ingredient of NOBO - Ambroxan. A nature-identical molecule to Ambergris. Ambroxan is a totally hypoallergenic molecule and smells amazing adding a long-lasting clean fresh feel to fabrics and textiles (and unlike Ambergris it is 100% vegan). It's smell is hard to describe but it feels like coastal ozone, sun kissed cotton or a warm olfactive embrace.

Made with high-quality organic ingredients in small batches by Wellington-based Nathan Taare; Of Body.

200 ml in PET recyclable bottle.

Due to the Ethyl Alcohol ingredient, we are unable to ship these Internationally. We can only ship these within New Zealand, International orders will be refunded and not fulfilled.