• Fixed Air, Spiral Earring, Silver

Fixed Air, Spiral Earring, Silver

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Hand-forged spiral earrings made from .999 fine silver wire by maker Tania Enriquez/Fixed Air. An open spiral that you wind through your piercing.

.999 fine silver is essentially pure silver- no alloys have been added, there is a tiny amount of impurities that prevent it from being 100% pure silver.

Due to the handmade nature of these, there is slight size and shape variation between pairs we see this as a celebration of the organic nature of Enriquez's work.

Width: 3cm in diameter -please note measurements can vary and are an approximate measurement.

The Spiral Earring is also available in 14k Goldfill.

Fixed Air is the jewellery work of Los Angeles-based Tania Enriquez, a practice that started over ten years ago as a means of tangible creative expression.

"Metal forging might be my favourite (so far) because of its fluidity in movement. You start with a metal wire, then you just let your hands move and see what happens... I call them wire sketches. I think there's so much beauty in being intuitive with the form that satisfies you... my goal is to be able to relate this feeling somehow".