• Best Wishes - Pear Candle
  • Best Wishes - Pear Candle

Best Wishes - Pear Candle

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Best Wishes custom Pear candle.

100% pure NZ beeswax with a cotton wick.

Approx height; 7.5cm, base width; 7cm, 165gms

The mould for this charming candle was made by casting a small Packham pear.

Please note each of these candles is handmade, and there may be minor variations on the surface and finishing of each individual candle.

"Beeswax is known for burning longer, cleaner and brighter than any other wax. When lit, beeswax candles will pull dust, allergens and toxins out of the air. Beeswax candles will burn soot free and dripless if kept out of drafts."

Made in Hawkes Bay by Hohepa Candles.

"Natural, Handmade, Social – created by men and women with an intellectual impairment working in an Anthroposophical initiative" To read more information about Hohepa Candles please refer to our About page.