• Azmaya, Rice Scoop
  • Azmaya, Rice Scoop

Azmaya, Rice Scoop

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Wooden rice scoop based on a Japanese “shamoji”. Traditional shamoji wood scoops are used to stir, serve and add vinegar to sushi rice.

If you soak it in water for a while before using it, freshly cooked rice should not stick to it and you can clean it. After use, wash it to remove the grains of rice, wipe off the water, dry it well and store it to keep it looking beautiful for a long time. The wood doesn’t scratch pots or rice cookers.

Made in Japan by Kuramoto Ladle Factory (Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Birch Wood

Founded in 1997, Tokyo-based studio Azmaya collaborates closely with artisans, designers, craftspeople, and independent manufacturers from all over Japan to create contemporary housewares using traditional techniques and materials. Their products are practical, and functional and always have a Japanese traditional aesthetic sense.