Sensitivity and practicality are at the heart of Klay, a small business that commands respect for the process and skills that are integral to high-quality making. 

Launched in 2013 with a tiny offering, Klay expanded holistically and by 2016 had sure footing, a website, and wholesale stockists. A true family operation, founder, designer and lead maker Kirsty McLay works closely with daughter Hannah, who helps realise Kirsty’s vision. This familial ethos extends to Klay’s community of makers, retailers and customers, with Klay items found in homes around the world.


Ueba Esou is a 10th generation family business started in 1751, Kyoto, Japan. With over 260 years of experience manufacturing and selling natural pigments primarily for use in Nihonga and the only store in its area still offering natural pigments made using traditional techniques of grinding mineral ores.